The integration scripts/shortcuts are not working!

Check that the LOGTALKHOME and LOGTALKUSER environment variables are defined, that the Logtalk user folder is available on the location pointed by LOGTALKUSER (you can create this folder by running the logtalk_user_setup shell script), and that the Prolog compilers that you want to use are supported and available from the system path. If the problem persists, run the shell script that creates the integration script or shortcut manually and check for any error message or additional instructions. For some Prolog compilers such as XSB and Ciao, the first call of the integration script or shortcut must be made by an administrator user. If you are using Windows, make sure that any anti-virus or other security software that you might have installed is not silently blocking some of the installer tasks.

I get errors when starting up Logtalk after upgrading to the latest version!

Changes in the Logtalk compiler between releases may render Prolog adapter files from older versions incompatible with new ones. You may need to update your local Logtalk user files by running e.g. the logtalk_user_setup shell script. Check the file on the root of the Logtalk installation directory and the release notes for any incompatible changes to the adapter files.