built-in method



message_hook(Message, Kind, Component, Tokens)

User-defined hook method for intercepting printing of a message, declared in the logtalk built-in object as a public, multifile, and dynamic predicate. This hook method is automatically called by the print_message/3 method. When the call succeeds, the print_message/3 method assumes that the message have been successfully printed.

Modes and number of proofs

message_hook(@nonvar, @nonvar, @nonvar, @list(nonvar)) - zero_or_one




:- multifile(logtalk::message_hook/4).
:- dynamic(logtalk::message_hook/4).

% print silent messages instead of discarding them as default
logtalk::message_hook(_, silent, core, Tokens) :-
    logtalk::message_prefix_stream(silent, core, Prefix, Stream),
    logtalk::print_message_tokens(Stream, Prefix, Tokens).