This library provides provides a hook object, expand_library_alias_paths, for expanding library alias paths in logtalk_library_path/2 facts in source files. It is mainly used when embedding Logtalk and Logtalk applications.

API documentation

Open the ../../docs/library_index.html#expand-library-alias-paths link in a web browser.


To load all entities in this library, load the loader.lgt utility file:

| ?- logtalk_load(expand_library_alias_paths(loader)).


Use the hook/1 option when compiling a source file:

| ?- logtalk_load(my_source_file, [hook(expand_library_alias_paths)]).

Alternatively, assuming it is the only hook object you are using, you can set it as thew default hook object:

| ?- set_logtalk_flag(hook, expand_library_alias_paths).